The Fuse offers classes in various styles, including:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary (Competitive teams only)
  • Hip Hop (Competitive teams only)
  • Pre-Dance (Pre 1- age 3 and Pre 2- age 4)
  • Stretch, Strength & Conditioning (CORE) (Competitive teams only)
  • Adult Classes (Tap & Hip Hop)
  • Recreational Programs for all ages
  • Competitive Petite, Mini, Junior & Teen/Senior Teams
  • Teacher Training (Assistant Program) (This is for current teen and senior competitive team members only)

We currently do NOT offer ballroom classes, drop-in classes, wedding dance choreography, or private lessons for non-competition dancers.

Ballet is mandatory for ALL ages & levels at the recreational level.

Ballet & CORE are mandatory for ALL ages & levels at the competitive level, except for adult classes.

Classes are conducted according to the following levels: (Descriptions are meant as a general guideline and class details/needs may change at any time)

Pre-1/Pre-2 This is a one-hour class designed for young children, ages 3 (for Pre I) and 4 (for Pre 2). It focuses on building the skills needed for the younger students in order to understand how their bodies move, how to count music, and introduces the fundamentals of ballet and tap, while creating a fun, nurturing environment. There is one ballet or tap performance piece set on the class to perform in the recital, and parents are allowed into the classroom to observe the last section of the class during the first class of each month.  

Beginner This class is designed for school-aged students with little to no dance experience. Age ranges and class lengths vary by class. The basic principles of ballet, tap, and jazz are introduced in class, with 1 piece set on the students to perform in the recital. Counting music is reiterated/introduced, depending on the needs of the class. Parent observation is welcomed during the last section of class during the first class of each month.  

Intermediate Students with more experience and/or ability than beginners, but less than the advanced level belong in this class. More styles of dance may be introduced, depending on the abilities and work ethic of the class. 1 or more pieces are set on the students to be performed in the recital, and in some cases, students may be introduced to one regional competition. Intermediate techniques and tricks are drilled in class to help the students master them, enabling them to move to the next level of instruction.

Intermediate/Advanced Students who are progressing towards the advanced level of dance are drilled on more advanced intermediate techniques/tricks/etc, as well as introduced to some advanced techniques, and are usually placed on the competition team, doing multiple regional competitions and, depending on the abilities and work ethic of the class, national competitions. More styles of dance are drilled during classes and more pieces are set on the students for both competition and recital.  

Advanced- Competitive Only This is the highest level of dance available for school-age students (up to age 19). All classes are taught by the directors and professional staff, and students are on the competitive team for all competitions. Students must continually show dedication, diligence, and a love for dance in order to remain at the advanced level. Advanced techniques and tricks are drilled in classes and multiple pieces are set on students for competition and performances. Advanced students may be asked to participate in performances other than competitions and recital. The senior advanced class should set an example for the younger students in the studio by displaying positive qualities and a dedication to dance.  

Adult Classes Adult classes are open classes to anyone age 15 and up; they are designed for fun and fitness in addition to challenging material- tap and hip hop classes are not beginner level. Classes are offered in various styles which may include tap, hip hop, jazz, etc., interest and time dependent. (Currently, The Fuse offers adult tap and hip hop only.) Class attendance is set on a yearly basis, and all adult classes perform in the annual show. Classes are recreational, except for one tap class that attends 1-2 local competitions each year with one set piece. Adult classes are taught by the director.

Master Classes Master classes are taught by the director or guest professionals, and students for these classes are invited to participate by the director. Classes are more difficult than regular class levels and are designed for students who show exceptional ability and/or potential.

*We do not post our fall schedule online. Please contact the studio for inquiries.*

- *While we generally try to keep students with other dancers around their age, we do place by ABILITY & POTENTIAL and do NOT place anyone in any class solely based on age. This applies to both recreational and competitive levels.*